Membership Selection

Eligibility for Journal Membership 

Class Status

A student becomes eligible for membership on the International Law Review upon completion of twenty-nine (29) credit hours, entering his or her third or fourth semester (day student), or fourth or fifth semester (evening student). Students must also have successfully completed RWA I and II or their equivalent.


A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.9, as verified by the Registrar’s Office, is required to be maintained by all members.

Completion of the Write-On Competition

Students must complete the writing competition (detailed below) to be considered for membership. Upon successful completion of the writing competition and a determination by the Editorial Board, students become members in good standing of the International Law Review. Membership will take effect when the student’s acceptance of the Editorial Board’s offer of membership.

Contents of the Write-On Competition

The Note & Comment Editor and any other members delegated by the Editorial Board will research and prepare a Bluebook Test and a Write-On Paper topic. Instructions and materials to complete the writing competition will be included in a competition packet for distribution. The writing competition will consist of, but is not limited to:

Bluebook Test

The test will consist of questions testing the latest edition of the Bluebook.

Write-On Paper

The ILR requires a revised submission of the 1L Advocacy Brief.  Submitting a revised Advocacy Brief accomplishes two things: (1) it allows the ILR to assess each applicant’s legal writing ability, and (2) allows each applicant to revise their brief after receiving feedback from their professors so that they may use it as a writing sample when applying for summer/in-school jobs.  The ILR E-Board may chose to accept other writing samples from transfer students or other students who have not completed the 1L Advocacy Brief at the time of the write-on.

Write-on Competition Deadlines

Deadlines for submitting the Bluebook Test and Write-On Paper will be set by the Note & Comment Editor. These deadlines will be made available to students upon registering for the writing competition.

Write-On Competition Distribution and Submission

Competition packets will be available in the Journal office or at a website or other digital source on the first day of the competition period. Competition packets must either be returned to the International Law Review office or post marked by 5:00PM (EST) on the last day of the competition period.

Membership Determinations

Grading the writing competition will be conducted anonymously in accordance with criteria determined by the Notes & Comment Editor. The Editorial Board will then determine membership based on the writing competition, other membership requirements pursuant to these By-Laws, and applications made under exceptional circumstances. All decisions of the Editorial Board are final.

Exceptional Circumstances

In demonstrated cases of unusual or exceptional circumstances and where there is a unanimous vote of the Editorial Board, the minimum membership requirements stated in these By-Laws may be waived upon a written request for such a waiver by a write-on applicant. This request should indicate the nature and details of the circumstances so as to permit the Board to make an informed decision with regards to the request.
For additional information, please refer to the ILR By-Laws (last updated April 17, 2013).

See Info Flyer (Spring 2014) for more information.

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