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Dear Authors,

On behalf of the Michigan State International Law Review, we would like to take this opportunity to invite all prospective authors to submit their articles to the journal for consideration. The International Law Review is committed to enhancing the scholarship and practical knowledge in the areas of international law, politics, and economics, by selecting thought provoking articles and publishing them in our journal. The International Law Review has a proud tradition of being an informative and useful guide for lawyers who have found themselves thrust into an increasingly globalized legal system. The International Law Review has been, and continues to be, one of the preeminent scholarly journals in the country in the area of international law and politics. Scholars from around the globe continue to submit their works to the International Law Review for publication, and recent articles have included such diverse topics as the development of a permanent international criminal court, to an analysis of the effects of national and international institutional policies on currency exchange-rater stability.

In the interests of promoting scholarship and the dissemination of knowledge, the International Law Review does not discriminate with regard to academic status or profession. In recent years, we have published articles by world-renowned scholars, practicing lawyers, and exceptional LL.M. and Ph.D. candidates, who have labored to produce articles of the highest caliber and integrity. Due to the large increases in submissions and our subscription base alike, we now have the privilege of selecting only compositions of extraordinary quality for publication in the journal. We remain committed, however, to reviewing each article objectively and thoroughly in the interests of our readers and authors.

The International Law Review reaches over 500 academic and private subscribers in hardcopy on virtually every continent of the globe, and in every major law library in the United States. More importantly, our review articles are now available on the two major legal research databases in the United States, Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis, so that the articles are available to researchers though out the globe via the Internet. This ensures that our journal’s articles will be widely circulated and cited repeatedly in research articles and compositions all over the world.

- ILR Editors



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