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Welcome to the Michigan State International Law Review

Greetings from the staff at the Michigan State International Law Review. Our mission is to contribute to the field of international law by publishing scholarly articles, presenting topical symposia, and collaborating with students at the Michigan State University College of Law. Since its inception in1992, the International Law Review has been a fully student run organization that publishes three issues each academic year. We sincerely thank all those who have supported, counseled, and contributed to the Michigan State International Law Review over the past two decades. It is with your help that we can continue to pursue this worthwhile endeavor.

Mission Statement

The world is fast becoming a smaller place. With advances in technology and expansion of international trade, boundaries are drawn ever closer and the distinctions between the domestic and the international are blended into the details of each emerging global challenge. With increasing globalization, knowledge of foreign cultures and legal systems is no longer just a welcomed advantage, but an indispensable tool to every professional.

The Editors and Associates of the Michigan State International Law Review know the importance of developing a comprehensive understanding of international issues and have committed their greatest efforts and energies to publishing high quality, thought provoking articles and organizing topical symposia in the field of international law. Three times per year, the International Law Review provides students and professionals alike with insights into the most relevant and controversial issues from around the globe. The publication serves as a practical tool to legal professionals and also acts as a medium for the dissemination and exchange of ideas within our worldwide distribution network.

From the outset, students have been the driving force behind the International Law Review. Dedicated, inquisitive and broad-minded, our Editors and Associates are distinguished by their diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, but are joined by a common understanding of scholastic excellence.

In our endeavors to create a publication of unsurpassed quality and breadth, we are joined by our learned faculty and advisors. Special thanks to Dean Joan W. Howarth and Dean Michael A. Lawrence for their continued support; and to our Faculty Advisor, Professor Bruce W. Bean, for continuing to provide us with invaluable guidance and advice.

About the Review

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